walimex pro Foldable Background 150 x 210 blue/green

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Walimex pro


  • blue/green background 150x210cm,
  • coating for photo and video work,
  • for Keying, ideal for extracting,
  • extra strong spring ring,
  • foldable,
  • oval shape,
  • very small transport size,
  • incl. fabric carrying bag

For more flexibility
Due to the both colors blue/gree, you can lay the best foundations for extracting and digital post-processing on the PC. That way you are more flexible in your work.

Versatile fields of use
The sides with the green/blue coating are ideal for photo and video work in order to digitally insert backgrounds into the picture. Both are also perfectly suited for later extracting of the motivs.

High-quality workmanship
The foldable background is excellent quality . The extra strong spring ring guarantees smooth and wrinkle-free background surfaces . Used as a background , time is on the post-production spent therefore reduced. The included carrying case used for storing and transporting and furthermore protects the background from dirt . The background can be folded to a very small size and can therefore be taken anywhere.

General information

Product Type Folded background
Product Color Blue, Green, Chromakey green, Chromakey blue
Motive Uni
Material Cotton, Metal (frame)
Field of Application Photo- and Video-Works, Keying
Attachment Loops Yes
Length 1500mm
Width 2100mm
Weight 3000g
Type Foldable Background


Girth 2185mm
Height of Packaging 59mm
Length of Packaging 689mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 2359g
Width of Packaging 689mm
Вид продуктаФон для студии
Тип фонаСкладной
Ширина фона1.5m - 2.5m
Размер фона, м1.5x2

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