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1x Background Paper 2.72x11m (72. Fossil Gray);1x Thick cardboard inner core ?54mm

Superior Background Paper 72 Fossil Gray 2.72 x 11m

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This roll of Superior Specialties backdrop paper is a 2.72 x 11m roll in the color 72. Fossil Gray, or light grey. With this roll of professional quality paper you can create a smooth, even background.

The width of the paper is 2.72 m. The total length of the paper on this roll is 11 meters. This is the maximum length of the paper when you unroll the roll completely. So even if the paper gets dirty during a shoot, simply cut off the end and you will still have more than enough length left. The cut off paper piece can then be recycled.

Ultimate quality

Superior's seamless paper is 100% Made in USA and offers you the highest quality in the market. This matte paper is resistant to wrinkles, so you are always assured of a beautifully even background during your shoot or presentation. Because no matter what application you are going to use the paper for, an even, clean background is highly desirable.


To minimize the impact on the environment, the paper is produced in an ecologically responsible way. The paper consists of up to 75% recycled fibers, is acid free and fully recyclable. In addition, the wood comes from certified managed forests and the production process is entirely based on hydropower.

Mounting on a background system

The background roll comes on a sturdy tube with an inner diameter of 54mm. This allows you to easily attach the background paper to various background systems, which you can find in the optional accessories section.

Application Superior Specialties Background Paper 72. Fossil Gray (2.72x11m)

The color Fossil Gray - light grey - is a nice neutral color for taking passport photos and (business) portraits. However, background paper from Superior can be used for many applications. It is suitable for portraits, product photography, fashion shoots and (product) presentations. But also for content creators, artists and designers background paper is indispensable.

The Superior range consists of different sizes and 50 colors. Are you looking for an alternative to your current background paper? Then feel free to contact us so we can recommend the right color for you.

Due to different monitor settings, the color of the paper may have a minimal color deviation compared to the picture displayed on your screen. On the last image you will find the color values, including RGB and CMYK. This allows you to simulate the color on your calibrated monitor.

Вид продуктаФон для студии
Тип фонаВ Рулоне
Ширина фона2.6m - 3.0m
Размер фона, м2.72x11

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