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Tecco Inkjet Paper Pearl-Gloss PPG250 A3 50 Sheets

Tecco Inkjet Paper Pearl-Gloss PPG250 A3 50 Sheets

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This natural white photo paper with satin finish and classic photo paper weight is the ideal basis for many applications both at home and for professional use. The low percentage of optical whiteners and the typical look-and-feel of photo paper make this paper ideal for all kinds of portraits and wedding photographs, but also for landscape shots, b/w photos and even large posters. >Comes with 2 and 3 adapters. For all popular printers such as: Epson, Canon and HP there are free RGB/ICC profiles available for download at www.tecco.de

Вид продуктаФотобумага для струйной печати
Тип бумагиLoksnēs
Поверхность бумагиGlancēta
Назначение бумагиЦифровая печать

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