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1x StudioKing Roll-Up Background Screen (black);1x Adjustable X-bracket;1x Aluminium holder with handle;2x Turnable legs

StudioKing Roll-Up Background Screen FB-150200FB 150x200 cm Black

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The StudioKing FB-150200FB is a black-colored, foldable background screen of 1.5 by 2 meters (width x height). This mobile, universal background screen can be placed on the floor and folded out using the roll-up system. You can easily fold the background screen to just the size of a tripod bag. Ideal for photo and video recordings on location and in your studio. 

The black screen is made of 100% polyester and is gloss and wrinkle free. Because of this you will always have an even background. The bottom is made of solid aluminum. This ensures not only that the screen can stand securely, but also that you can safely take it with you. On the back there is an adjustable, spring-loaded X-bracket that allows you to adjust the cloth itself to the desired height.

When you unfold the background screen completely, the height is 200 cm; the width is 150 cm. When you fold the whole, you can carry it with you like a suitcase using the handle. This roll-up background screen is also available in other colors (see optional accessories).

Application StudioKing FB-150200FB

This universal roll-up background screen is suitable for both the professional and the beginner. You can use the screen for video recordings, vlogs, video calls and webinars, but also for portrait or product photography. Because you can easily set up the screen and take it with you, it is suitable for use in a studio, but also on location (e.g. during events). The StudioKing FB-150200FB is the perfect background screen for on the go.


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