Cokin Filter X121M Neutral Grey G2-medium (ND4) (0.6)

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Cokin Filter X121M Neutral Grey G2 Medium ND4 (0.6)
The Cokin Filter X121M Neutral Grey G2 Medium ND4 (0.6) produces a grey neutral effect and can be used to reduce the light hitting the sensor through the lens, giving you more control over exposure and depth of field without affecting colour or contrast. Cokin filters are made of organic glass and ensure optimal light transmission for high image quality. The filters are extremely lightweight and are highly resistant to shocks and drops. The filter measures 130x170mm and is compatible with the Cokin X-Pro filter holder.

The lower half of the filter is transparent with a transition to the ND effect in the upper half of the filter. The X121M ND filter is colour neutral and gives you more exposure options when you are shooting skyline or landscape. The length of the filter allows you to position the effect precisely in the filter holder. No more skies without detail!

Soft gradient filters are recommended for wide angle lenses, hard gradient filters like this one are better suited for telephoto lenses.


  • Density: 0.6 (2-stops)
  • Dimensions: 130x170mm
  • Compatible with the Cokin X-Pro filter holder
  • Material: Organic glass
  • 2-year warranty

СовместимостьX Series
Тип фильтраND (нейтральный)
Размер фильтра100x100mm
Плотность фильтраND4

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