Cokin Filter Z667 Gradual Fluo Blue 2

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Cokin Filter Z667 Gradual Fluo Blue 2
The Cokin Filter Z667 Gradual Fluo Blue 2 is half covered with a blue colour and gently blends into the other half without effect. This is ideal for making the sky and water bluer when capturing landscapes.

This filter has a slightly darker colour tone than the Cokin Z667 Gradual Fluo Blue 1 filter. The height of the filter allows you to position the transition in the right place in the filter holder. Cokin graduation filters can also be combined with each other. For example, you can use two graduated filters rotated 180 degrees from each other to blend colours.

Material and dimensions
Cokin filters are made of organic glass and ensure optimal light transmission for high image quality. The filters are extremely lightweight and are highly resistant to shocks and drops. The filter has a width of 100mm and is compatible with the Cokin Z-Pro filter holder.


  • Made of CR-39 organic glass
  • Highly resistant to shocks
  • Lightweight
  • 2-year warranty

СовместимостьZ Series
Тип фильтраЦветной
Размер фильтра100x100mm

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