Cokin NUANCES GND ND16 Soft 4 f-stops X serie

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Cokin Nuances Graduated ND16 Soft filter X Series
The Cokin Nuances Graduated ND16 Soft filter in mineral glass introduces an innovative technology in filter manufacturing. A completely new coating process has been developed to ensure uniform colours. A nano-metallic alloy is applied to both sides of the filter which is made of high-strength tempered Schott glass. This type of glass is known for its high light transmission and low reflection. The result is a beautiful neutrality, completely free of infrared pollution.

Slower shutter speeds or less depth of field
The Nuances GND ND filter is suitable for taking long shutter speed photos or for reducing the depth of field when filming. The filter literally captures the light without affecting the colours in your images. The filter is darker at the top and flows gently into the transparent area. By sliding the filter into the X-Pro filter holder, you can determine exactly where you want the effect in the photo. Nuances filters are designed to be compatible with each other without creating a colour cast. You can also combine the filters with the other types of filters from Cokin's creative filter system, ideal if you want to experiment with a multiple filter setup!


  • Density of 1.2 (4 stops)
  • Compatible with the Cokin X filter holder
  • Made of Schott glass B270
  • Dimensions of 130 x 170mm
  • The filter weighs 150 grams
  • 2-Year Warranty

СовместимостьX Series
Тип фильтраGND (градуированный фильтр нейтральной плотности)

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