Weeylite Viltrox 60cm Parabolic Softbox Bowens VP-60 VP 60

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VP 60


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Shape the light the way you want it 
The Viltrox 60cm Parabolic Softbox Bowens VP 60 is a softbox whose soft light is mainly used for beauty, fashion and portrait photography. The softbox has a Bowen S type connection and is therefore ideal for lamp heads with a Bowen S type bayonet, for example.


Suitable for beauty, fashion and portrait photography
Provides soft light
Quick set up thanks to clamping mechanism
Bowens S type connection

Simple construction
With its simple construction, this 60 centimetre diameter light shaper is easy and quick to set up by hooking in the ribs like an umbrella. To do this, you tighten the ribs until they snap into place. The easiest way is to always tighten the opposite ribs one after the other. The softbox can be dismantled just as easily. Simply press the corresponding buttons on the speed ring and the individual ribs detach from their mountings. This makes the softbox immediately ready for use in the studio or on location.

The 16 sided construction creates an almost round softbox shape, which is noticeable by the natural looking, round light reflections in a models eyes. The Viltrox VP 60 also comes with a front diffuser. The front diffuser scatters the light reflected by the silver inner coating, creating soft shadows.,

Clamping mechanism
Bowens S type connector
Silver inner coating
16 ribs result in an almost round shape
Diameter 60cm
Length 47 cm
Arc length 40 cm
Lighting angle of 45 degrees
2 year warranty

1 x Viltrox 60cm Parabolic Softbox Bowens VP 60
1 x External diffuser
1 x Internal diffuser
1 x Draagtas

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