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1x B15R Flexible Led Panel; 1x USB-C Charging Cable

Sirui RGB LED Panel B15R Bendable

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Do you want to increase or decrease the angle of the light? Or do you want to adjust the reflection of the light perfectly to your object? Then Siruis bendable B15R panel is ideal. You bend the panel 2 ways, thanks to the 11 different sections.

Important features Sirui B15R

  • Flexible: bend the B15R panel to play with reflection and light distribution. The shape is retained until you bend it back yourself.
  • Power: connect the B15R to a wall outlet via the included power adapter to use it endlessly. Or opt for an NP-F battery. Youll find those among the optional accessories.
  • Themes and modes: use the buttons and display to choose from bi-color, RGB colors, 16 special effects and more.

Operation Sirui B15R

To operate the B15R you use the clear display and the 4 buttons. This puts all settings at your fingertips. Of course, there is also the free smartphone app, with which you can set all options up to a distance of 15 meters via Bluetooth. Also of multiple lamps in a group. And thats convenient. Because it is possible to connect multiple B15Rs together, without the need for any further accessories. You simply slide them together. Thats how you extend the LED bar. And via the app you control all B15Rs as a group.

LED properties B15R

You have as much as 25 watts of LED light at your disposal. The light is high quality and provides natural colors. Many lighting effects and CCT control make the B15R versatile. In addition, you work with 1,100 LUX at a distance of 0.5 meters. The light is infinitely adjustable from 1 to 100%. You also set the color temperature infinitely from 2,500K to 7,000K. The light quality measures up to the premium brands in the market, with a CRI of 96 and a TLCI of 98. So the light is just right, for any creative production.

Mounting B15R

You mount the B15R via the 1/4" female thread. This way you attach it to a tripod, tilting bracket or other accessory. By attaching 2 B25Rs together, it is possible to place them as a U-arm on a table. This construction allows you to expose an object all around, without the need for accessories.

B15R also available as a set of 2

Do you want to work even more creatively and versatile? Then there is the B15R-D set. That consists of 2 B15Rs, with the coldshoe mount you slide them together and place them together on a tripod. You can find the set among the optional accessories.

Reliability & Warranty

Sirui has been known for its high quality for 20+ years. You use the products worry-free for all your productions. Sirui guarantees that you buy a quality product and gives you a 3-year manufacturers warranty. Does something unexpected go wrong? Then you can count on fast support and repair in the Netherlands.

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