Newell Air Artha Max XL LED Lamp

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The Newell Air Artha Max XL is a powerful light source in the form of a round LED panel with an impressive 55.8 cm diameter. With a maximum output of 110 watts and a luminous flux of up to 7,000 lumens, it provides tremendous versatility. Adjustable color temperature from 2500 to 8500 K allows fine-tuning to suit current needs. The lamp also features a built-in diffuser for even light dispersion. An AC adapter is included in the kit. The 2 V-Mount outlets will also allow you to use rechargeable batteries. A remote control and mobile app allow remote control. Support for DMX systems ensures integration with professional lighting sets. The lamp can operate within 40 channels and 3 groups. Comes with a sturdy carrying bag. Main Product Features Round LED panel with a diameter of 55.8 cm 110 W maximum power maximum luminous flux of 7000 lumens adjustable color temperature from 2500 to 8500 K adjustable light brightness from 0% to 100% has a built-in diffuser to disperse light various power options - power adapter (included), as well as 1 or 2 V-Mount batteries control panel equipped with backlit LCD screen possibility to control multiple lamps within 40 channels and 3 groups free app (Google Play / App Store) for remote control included remote control universal tripod mount conveniently adjustable lamp angle included zippered carrying bag Large round LED panel The Air Artha Max XL is the largest round lamp available from Newell. The diameter of the LED panel is as large as 55.8 cm. The unit is equipped with a diffuser made of lightweight plastic for optimal clearance. The panel makes it possible to achieve even and natural lighting. The diffuser also allows you to effectively reduce unwanted shadows. Thus, you no longer need to reach for an additional modifier to make the light appropriately soft and pleasing to the eye. Adjustable power and color temperature The Newell Air Artha Max XL LED lamp will give you great creative freedom in a wide variety of conditions. Youll set its angle thanks to a movable dial locked with strong screws. You can easily adjust the color temperature from 2500 to 8500 K. The maximum luminous flux that the Newell Air Artha Max XL LED lamp will give you is as much as 7000 lumens. Extended light system Newell Air Artha Max XL LED lights are an ideal choice for those who want to create an expanded lighting system. With 40 available channels that can be divided into 3 independent groups, you gain even more control over the devices you work with. You no longer have to approach each lamp individually to adjust its parameters to suit your needs. Now you can control the entire system with a single control panel, remote control or mobile app. Remote control-panel and mobile app The Newell Air Artha Max XL LED light offers a convenient to use control panel with a backlit screen. However, thats not all when it comes to control capabilities. Youll also find a remote control, powered by two AAA batteries, which allows you to control the lamp remotely. You can also control the device with a smartphone app (Androiid/iOS). You can download it from Google Play or App Store completely free of charge. Two power ways With two different ways to power it, the Newell Air Artha Max XL LED lamp will work well anywhere - in the studio, at home, and in the field. In the kit you will find a compatible power supply and a power cable. However, thats not all. The device is also equipped with 2 V-Mount (V-Lock) battery sockets. This way, wherever access to an electrical outlet is limited, you can enjoy wireless power. The Newell Air Artha Max XL LED light can be powered by one or two V-Mount cells. V-MOUNT Cells MUST be purchased separately. Convenient transport With the zippered carrying case, storing and transporting the Newell Air Artha Max XL lamp become not only convenient, but also safe. Equipped with specially designed compartments, it protects not only the device itself, but also all the necessary accessories - from the remote control to cables and power adapter. In addition, a flexible pocket inside the case allows you to safely store small photo or film accessories, providing comprehensive protection and easy access to essential equipment on the go. Support for DMX systems The Newell Air Artha Max XL LED light is designed to be fully compatible with the DMX512 control system, opening the door to almost unlimited possibilities in the area of stage lighting. Thanks to the use of 2 DMX sockets (IN and OUT), lighting management becomes easier and more precise. Combining the lamp with a lighting and stage effects management console will ensure convenient adjustment of light intensity, change of light color temperature and proper synchronization of effects. COMPATIBLE DMX cables MUST be purchased separately. 40 month warranty Bet on quality and experience. Newell is a brand that has been on the market since 2009, specializing in the production of consumer electronics, as well as devices and accessories used in the film and photography industry. Each product comes with an extended 40-month warranty. By choosing the Newell Air Artha Max XL LED lamp, you are assured of proper support in case of any malfunctions related to its operation! Meet the Artha family of lamps Air Artha lamps, were created for professional lighting for film and photography. They will also be perfect for the beauty industry. Newells round LED panels are available in 3 different sizes. They are Artha, Artha XL and Artha Max XL. In addition, the XL Model is available in 2 different variants - basic, with color temperature control, and extended, where colored RGB LEDs and a remote control function have been added. Discover the Air Artha family of products and see how much can be gained by using soft, high-powered light. Specification model: Newell Air Artha Max XL maximum power: 110 watts input voltage: 14 - 16.8 volts CRI: > 95 luminance: 2500 lux (@ 1 m) luminous flux: 7000 lm color temperature range: 2500 - 8500 K brightness adjustment range: 0 - 100% angle of illumination: 120 Power supply: 1 or 2 V-Mount batteries DC 15 V, 8 A / 120 Watt power supply Controls: built-in control panel remote control RHD Light mobile app (Android/iOS) operating environment temperature: 0 - 40 C storage temperature: -10 - 50 C Relative humidity: 20 - 90% dimensions: 722 x 14.5 x 690 mm weight: 5220 g Set contents Newell Air Artha Max XL LED lamp power adapter power cord zippered carrying case remote control
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