Byomic Study Microscope BYO-10

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Microscope BYO-10; 1 Ocular 10x; 3 x Objective (achromatic 4x, 10x, 40x); Plano-Concave Mirror 42 mm

1x Byomic Study Microscope BYO-10;1x WF10x Wide-angle eyepiece;1x 4x magnification achromatic objective;1x 10x magnification achromatic objective;1x 40x magnification achromatic objective;1x 42mm Plano concave mirror (with concave and flat side);1x Protective cover;1x Manual


The Byomic BYO-10 Study Microscope is suitable for beginner hobbyists and use in schools. The BYO-10 is equipped with a sturdy metal casing and has an adjustable magnification of 40x to 400x. The magnification is achieved through the WF 10x eyepiece and the 3 different achromatic objectives equipped with a magnification of 4x, 10x and 40x.


The BYO-10 is supplied with a metal viewing table with a length of 100 mm and a width of 90 mm. The metal viewing table is equipped with object clamps. The supplied Plano-Concave mirror is located on the bottom of the microscope and controls the light used to illuminate the object you wish to observe. Further, the BYO-10 is equipped with a focus wheel, which provides you with a clear and focused view. All optical parts of the microscope are equipped with an anti-fungus coating.


Please note, that the BYO-10 is an entry-level microscope and is smaller than the other microscopes in the BYO series. Due to this, there are limited accessories available for the BYO-10. All compatible accessories can be found in the optional accessories tab below.

The Byomic Study Microscope BYO-10 is a biological microscope that is extremely suitable for novice users. This translucent microscope is supplied with a wide-angle eyepiece of 10x. The objective-revolver is equipped with three achromatic objectives (4x, 10x and 40x) allowing a maximum magnification of 400x. It is possible to change the lenses which makes it possible to achieve other magnifications.


The BYO-010 has a sturdy metal housing with an integrated table of 90 by 70 mm which is equipped with two sturdy clamps to hold a specimen well in position. As a result, it does not shift during observation.


Because the Byomic BYO-10 is equipped with a Plano concave mirror, the biological microscope can be used anywhere provided there is enough light present. The mirror is equipped with a flat mirror on one side with which you can illuminate the object. On the other side there is a hollow mirror that reduces the field of view so you can look even more detailed.
Under the table there is a swivel wheel with 6 holes of different sizes. This wheel can be used to determine the amount of light that has to be let through.

The focus wheel can be used to adjust the distance between the lens and the table. This makes it possible to view the specimen at the correct distance in razor sharp focus. The table is 90 mm by 70 mm and is equipped with two handy clamps with which a specimen can be clamped so that it can no longer move.

Application Byomic StudyMicroscope BYO-10

The Byomic Study Microscope BYO-10 is suitable for viewing bacteria and parasites in fish and manure. The Byomic Study Microscope BYO-10 is also an excellent choice for examining blood and urine.
With another eyepiece a different magnification can be obtained. This microscope uses eyepieces with a diameter of 23 mm (see optional accessories).



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