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Microscope Konuscience; Case; Camera Connection; Tweezers; 2 x Collection Bottle; Scalpel; 10 x Slide; 18 x Cover Glasses

Konus Microscope Konuscience 1200x

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Поставка обычно в течении 8 - 14 рабочих дней



The Konus Konuscience Microscope has a magnification of 100x to 1200x and can be used for children and teenagers. The Konuscience has various viewing functions enabling the user to magnify or simply view objects or project an object onto the wall or a piece of paper (e.g. for drawing). The objects can be illuminated either through the supplied mirror or light. Further, the Konuscience is complete with 81 different accessories enabling the user to observe and experience the things that exist in the world around us unable to be seen by the naked eye.


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