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Konus Preparation Set Biology, Cell and Animal Tissue
1x Konus Preparation Set Biology, Cell and Animal Tissue (25 Pcs)

Konus Preparation Set Biology, Cell and Animal Tissue (25 Pcs)

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The Konus preparation set series consist a wide range of prepared slides from the wonderfull world of zoology, botanics and the human body. These series contain single-celled creatures, invertebrates (insects), vertebrates (reptiles, birds and mammals), botanics and the human body. Important themes as animal parasites and the animal/plant reproduction are covered as well. This way, children, students and microscope enthusiasts can learn more about the wonderfull world of microscopy.
;This set contains the following prepared slides:
;1. Squamous epithelium amphibian.
;2. Stratified squamous epithelium.
;3. Cuboidal epithelium.
;4. Simple columnar epithelium.
;5. Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium.
;6. Ciliated epithelium.
;7. Transitional epithelium.
;8. White fibrous tissue rat tail.
;9. Reticular tissue.
;10. Adipose tissue.
;11. Hyaline cartilage.
;12. Elastic cartilage.
;13. Fiber cartilage.
;14. Bone, human.
;15. Bone developing, cartilage, joint of finger of foetus.
;16. Blood, fish.
;17. Blood, sparrow.
;18. Blood, human.
;19. Striated muscle, teased preparation showing whole fibres, nuclei, fibrillae and striations.
;20. Smooth involuntary muscle teased preparation.
;21. Heart muscle, teased preparation showing branching cells striation and intercalar discs.
;22. Muscle and tendon lateral section.
;23. nerve transversal and lateral section hematos and eosine.
;25. Motor nerve endings in intercostal muscles, gold impregnation.

  • This set contains 25 different prepared slices about biology, cell and animal tissue.
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  • De prepared slices are packed in a pratical and attractive wooden box.
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  • On each prepared slice there s individual a discription.
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  • With each prepared slices set comes a discription containing which other sets are available.
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