Fotopro UFO Mogo Basic Tripod with 2x Phone Holder & Bluetooth Remote

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UFO Mogo Basic


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The UFO Mogo is a Snake style flexible tripod, with on both ends a 1/4 mount. With the Fotopro UFO Mogo you can virtually mount your smartphone or camera anywhere you like, from a pole to a tree, uneven grounds, or on your bike: the UFO Mogo does it!

This camera mount is strong enough to hold up a Smarphone or camera by itself, and can be mounted in virtually any tree, pole or rod. It has a standard 1/4 mount for your camera, and has a handy Phone Holder to mount your Smartphone.

One side of the snake has a double 180degree joint, for nearly unlimited placement of your camera, which makes this an unmissable tool in your camera bag! ,

Flexible monopod
Made of High density Rubber coated plastic
Dual 1/4 mount
Including Phone Mount
Weight: 168g
Size: 455x65x33mm
Max.Load: 0.8kg
6 Year Warranty

UFO mogo Tripod
2x Phone holder (SJ 86)
Bluetooth (BT 4)

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