Olympus E-M10III 1442IIR Kit blk/blk

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In-body 5-axis image stabilization for blur-free stills and smooth 4K video
16 Megapixel Live MOS Sensor and TruePic VIII Image Processor
4K 30P video plus HD 120 frames per second high-speed video
Timeless, easy to use body design. Compact & lightweight with 2 dials, arrow pad and Shortcut button
3.0" tilting LCD monitor with intuitive touch screen operation and touch AF one step shutter release
The Olympus E-M10 mark III has been specially designed for people who love photography and need the perfect system to get started. The E-M10 mark III is small and lightweight so it’s convenient to take everywhere. The new intuitive touch screen interface and shortcut button make camera settings easy. Touch AF lets you instantly focus and trip the shutter with one touch of your subject on the tilting screen. And with foolproof in-body image stabilization, you'll easily shoot blur-free stills and smooth 4K video, all handheld, no tripod or other stabilizing gear needed. Start your photographic journey with the E-M10 mark III.
Easy Shooting Modes
With the E-M10 Mark III, Olympus has taken all guesswork out of photography. AUTO Mode precisely detects your shooting scene, lighting, movement from you or your subject, even your subject's eyes, then automatically locks in focus and the optimal settings. Ready to take your photography to the next level? Use the simple and intuitive touch screen menus to choose settings and boost your creativity. There's even a Shortcut Button for when you want to change settings fast.
Shake-Free Stills & Video
With in-body image stabilization, the E-M10 Mark III automatically compensates for your movement. It makes your handheld pictures and videos razor sharp, even in dimly lit settings.
Touch to Focus & Shoot
Touch AF lets you focus and trip the shutter with one quick touch of the screen. Simply tap the area of the screen where you want focus. With virtually no delay you've captured the shot.
Art Filters
The E-M10 Mark III has 15 built-in Art Filters. Preview your filtered shots on the monitor or in the electronic viewfinder before you capture the image for instant creative control.
Advanced Photo Mode
Stop feeling intimidated and shoot like a pro without complicated settings. Popular photographic techniques like nighttime Live Composite, HDR, and Focus Bracketing now require only a simple tap of the screen.
Ultra HD 4K Video
Capture stunning UHD 4K video and slow motion video, all handheld. With Clips Mode, easily create movies from multiple short clips and even set background music - no editing software required!
Wi-Fi Sync
Easily download your pictures directly to your Android or iOS smart device with the Olympus Image Share app.

Live View
Whether you're using the 180˚ tilting touch screen or the interactive electronic viewfinder, what you see is what you get. Live View provides a real time preview of your shot. It takes the guesswork out of photography.
Built-in Flash
There's no need to carry bulky external flashes with the E-M10 Mark III. Simply rotate the the power switch to activate the cleverly hidden pop-up flash - perfect for precisely lit portraits or any subject that needs some additional light.
Custom Accessories
Add your own personal style to your E-M10 Mark III with custom accessories like the genuine leather Body Jacket (CS-51B), leather strap (CSS-S109LL II), and leather lens cover for the 14-42mm EZ lens (LC-60.5GL).
Lenses for Every Situation
Choosing a new lens is easy! The E-M10 Mark III is compatible with all M.Zuiko lenses, giving you flexibility to shoot from any distance and with a variety of different perspectives.
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Комплектация камерыс объективом (kit)
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