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Reflecting telescope P 114/500; Gift box; Adjusable aluminum tripod with ocular holder; Mounting with 2.5 KG counterweight; 3 oculars: 25, 15 and 10 mm; Barlow lens 2x; LED ""Red Dot"" Finder; Lenscap with middle opening for reducing light; Sun ocular filter; Moon ocular filter; Hexagon socket wrench

Byomic Reflector Telescope P 114/500 EQ-SKY

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The Byomic P-Reflector telescope 114/500 is the perfect combination of a Newtonian-mirror with compact dimensions. The mor experienced astronomer will know lightfall is an important factor in astronomy. The mirror with a diameter of 114 mm receives a significant amount of light which is reflected. In this way you will see objects that are situated far away in our Solar system. The 114 mm opening and short focal length of 500 mm give this OTA (Optical Tube Assembly) a focal ratio of F/4,4. That makes this telescope ideal for wide field observing and deep space photography. It is very easy to follow objects in the nightsky because of the paralactic mounting. You will also receive a tripod with equatioral mount (EQ-SKY) which gives it a solid base and very good tracking options.


Attention: On the contrary of what you see on the image, you will receive a LED-finder instead of a finderscope with this telescope. This makes it even easier to aim on an object you want to see. A red dot shows where you are aiming.

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