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Refractor Telescope; Carrying case; 2 Oculairy H8 en H20; LED-seeker; 1,5x Image rectifier
; Moonfilter; 2x Barlowlens; Electrische focuser; Moon and sky map; Software ""Sky Explorer"" in English; Manual; Full color packaging
Refractor telescope; Carrying case; Adjustable aluminum tripod stand with ocular holder; 3 oculars: 20 , 12.5 and 4 mm; Barlow lens 3x; Reverting lens 1.5x; LED ""Red Dot"" Finder; Lenscap with middle opening for reducing light; 90° Zenitmirror; Dewcap

Byomic Beginners Refractor Telescope 60/700 with Case

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This Konustart-700 telescope is an ideal choise for young astronomers. It can be used for earth and astronomical observations and it is easy to use. We added to the normal rich equipment a textile carrying case, in order to carry the telescope everywhere and we also include a professional astronomical software to ease the study of the Sky, find out the co-ordinates of celestial objects which are observing, the dates in which they will be visible all over the world and other important functions.


This Byomic Junior Refractor telescope 60/700 is very suitable for the beginning amateur. The telescope can be brought with you easily thanks to the handy case. In this way you you can also observe the celestial bodies outside of your own home. The characteristics of this refractor telescope are very good to observe the moon, but it is also very suitable to see other celestial bodies. For this you receive several oculars to achive the necessary enlargement.


Attention: With this telescope you will receive a LED-finder. This makes it even easier to aim on an object you want to see. A red dot shows where you are aiming.

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