Больше не производится - Walimex pro Newcomer Set Classic 3/3 1SB1DS+

starter set for newcomers in studio photography 2 Flashes with 300 Ws for portrait and product photography light and compact flash Newcomer with integrated receiver, controllable via an included transmitter

Walimex pro Newcomer Set Classic 3/3 1SB1DS+

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Walimex pro


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  • full studio set with two walimex pro Newcomer 300 studio flash incl. receiver and 16 channel remote trigger
  • the affordable path into the world of professional portrait, outdoor and on-location photography
  • excellent quality and workmanship
  • clear and comfortable operation
  • complete set for starting right away

walimex pro Newcomer 300 - Intuitive to operate and compact
The studio flash from the new Newcomer series by walimex pro is an extremely compact, handy studio flash with an in-built 2.4 GHz radio frequency that is particularly easy to use. The operating panel and the digital display are very clear and show the current settings. The flash functions are, therefore, self explanatory. This means the Newcomer series is particularly suited to ambitious beginners; but professionals will be impressed with it, too.

Excellent technology in the Newcomer300
The flash output can be set infinitely from 1/1 to 1/32. The modelling light with 75 W will help you setting up your lighting. The flash can be triggered either via a synch cord or the build-in photo cell (incl. pre-flash detection modes). Both the photo cell and the acoustic signal can, of course, be deactivated. The plug-in flash tubes may, if necessary, be changed by the user.

For greater flexibility and creativity
The studio flash light has a radio receiver, and a practical bayonet connector that enables lighting controls to be changed easily and quickly. A wide range of accessories is available for the walimex pro Newcomer studio flash series. There will be no bounds to your creativity.

walimex AIR Lamp Tripod
Min. height approx. 71 cm, max. height approx. 256 cm, transport length approx. 71 cm, weight approx. 960 g, load capacity approx. 3,0 kg, 5/8 inch spigot with 1/4 and 3/8 inch thread, incl. carrying bag

walimex pro Orange Line Softbox 40x40 cm
creates soft and diffuse light,softbox can be rotated by 360 degrees, excellent workmanship, high-quality, heat-resistant material incl. front and back diffuser and transport bag

walimex pro VE VC Excellence radio remote trigger
with 16 channels, operating range up to 30 m, transmitting frequency 2.4 GHz

Newcomer 100
Newcomer 150
Newcomer 200
Newcomer 300
Flash Output
Guide Number (2m/ISO 100)
full to 1/32 steplessly
Recycling Time
Flash Duration
Modeling Lamp
75W (on/off)
Trigger Method
Photo cell, sync cord, test button; Integrated remote control;
Color Temperature
Flash Tube
“plug- in,” user replaceable
Trigger Voltage
Auto Power Dump
Power Supply
AC 220-240V 50Hz
Radio frequency
2,4 GHz
Protection cap, reflector, power cord (4m), sync cord, modeling lamp;
approx. 0.75kg
approx. 0.85kg
approx. 0.9kg
approx. 1.0kg
Dimensions (without reflector)
approx. 20 x 12 x 16 cm

1x walimex Schirmsoftbox Durchlicht, 72cm

General information

Softbox Type Umbrella Softbox
Material Synthetic fibre, metal
Product Color Black, White


size Ш72cm
Field of Application Portrait
Diameter 720mm
Diameter Screen Pole 8mm
Foldable Yes
Grid/Overlay No


Girth 390mm
Height of Packaging 60mm
Length of Packaging 690mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 290g
Width of Packaging 90mm

1x walimex pro Softboxadapter walimex pro & K

General information

Material Metal
Product Color Silver


Bayonet Walimex pro K
Outer Diameter 152mm


Girth 460mm
Height of Packaging 50mm
Length of Packaging 155mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 238g
Width of Packaging 155mm

2x walimex Lampenstativ AIR, 200cm

General information

Product Type Lamp tripod, Studio tripod
Material Aluminium (tripod), synthetic material (locks)
Product Color Black


Min. Working Height 890mm
Max. Working Height 2000mm
Max. Load Tripod 3000g
Pack Measure 63cm
Fastening Tripod Connection Adapter Locking screw
Connection 5/8 Spigot, 1/4 Inch with thread connection
Weight tripod 1270g
Tripod Excerpts 3St.
Number of Tripod Segments extendible 2
Material middle column Aluminium
Material closures Synthetic material
Recession obstructed Yes
Damping System Air damping
Diameter 1st Tripod Segment (from below) 26mm
Diameter 2nd Tripod Segment (from below)Diameter 2nd Tripod Segment (from below) 22mm
Diameter 3rd Tripod Segment (from below) 19mm
Diameter Stand Area max. 750mm
Transportation Bag, Tripod included No
Type Lamp tripod


Girth 450mm
Height of Packaging 90mm
Length of Packaging 730mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 1348g
Width of Packaging 90mm

1x walimex pro Softbox Orange Line 40x40

General information

Product Color Black
Material Cotton, PVC synthetic material, PET aluminium
Softbox Type Square Softbox
Depth 260mm
Width 400mm
Weight 830g


Field of Application Products, People Photography
size 40x40cm
Grid/Overlay No
Coating Silver
Interdiffuser Yes


Girth 670mm
Height of Packaging 70mm
Length of Packaging 370mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 899g
Width of Packaging 230mm

1x walimex pro VE& VC& Newcomer Studioblitz Auslцser

General information

Compatibility Walimex pro VE excellence series, Walimex pro VC excellence series, Walimex pro newcomer series
Product Color Black
Width 40mm
Weight 25g
Height 30mm
Length 60mm


Range 3000cm
Power Supply Battery CR 2032 3V
Transfer Funk
Frequency Channels 16
Radio Frequency 2400MHz
Max. Synchronous Speed 1/160s


Girth 289mm
Height of Packaging 32mm
Length of Packaging 134mm
Packaging Material Carton
Weight incl. Packaging 319g
Width of Packaging 75mm

2x walimex pro Newcomer 300 Studioblitz

General information

Material Aluminium, metal, synthetic material
Special Features Flash for beginners, umbrella holder, is also ideal for working outdoors and on location, small, lightweight flash lamp
Product Color Grey, orange
Connection Softboxadapter: walimex pro K, Aurora/Bowens
Tripod Connection Spigot
Width 120mm
Height 160mm
Length 200mm
Weight 900g
Pedestal G5,3


Power Supply Power Supply Unit
Trigger Mode Sync cord, test button, photo cell, Auto
Transfer Wire, Cell
Replenishment 0, 6-2, 0s
Flash Duration 1/800 ~ 1/1200s
Flash Output 300Ws
Protection for Flash & Lamp 4A
Trigger Tension 5V
Guide Number 60
Modeling Lamp 75W
Power Stage Continuously from 1/1 untill 1/32
TTL Transfer No
Flash Tube Plug-in
Slave Yes


Girth 1298mm
Height of Packaging 228mm
Length of Packaging 386mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 2619g
Width of Packaging 228mm


Girth 1235mm
Height of Packaging 235mm
Length of Packaging 1160mm
Weight incl. Packaging 5713g
Width of Packaging 255mm
Количество вспышек в комплекте2 вспышки
Мощность Watt300
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