walimex pro Beauty Dish Diffuser, 40cm

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  • suitable for Beauty Dishes with approx. 40-41cm diameter
  • makes the light even softer and more even
  • a “must have” for every Beauty Dish

This diffuser is the suitable and convenient complement for your Beauty Dish 40cm. It helps you to achieve an additional influence of the light characteristic, because it makes the light softer and more pleasant on a quick way.
Just put the diffuser over the Beauty Dish and you will get a softer light within seconds.

General information

Weight 15g
Material Nylon
Product Color White


Diameter 400mm
Mat Yes


Diameter 400mm
Girth 130mm
Height of Packaging 20mm
Length of Packaging 30mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 20g
Width of Packaging 30mm
ФормировательBeauty Dish
Совместимость адаптераДругой

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