walimex pro Filter ND4 coated 62 mm

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Walimex pro


  • filter made of multi-coated glass
  • ideal for landscape photography
  • extends the exposure time by 2 apertures
  • for uniform darkening of the image
  • creates motion blurring and flow effects

Creates flow effects and motion blurring
The neutral-density filter from walimex pro extends the exposure time by 2 apertures (factor 4), which enables you to achieve e.g. motion blurring and flow effects (e.g. on waterfalls). It is therefore mainly used in landscape photography. It also ensures uniform darkening of the image and reduces the light quantity, in order to achieve less focal depth with open aperture.

Excellent workmanship
The neutral-density filter has excellent optical properties. The high-quality filter, which is made of multi-coated glass, is mounted in a metal socket and can be precisely adjusted. It is transported in a protective covering, which protects the filter against harmful UV-radiation and thus considerably extents its service life.

General information

Product Color Black
Diameter 62mm


Density (ND) 0,6
F-Stop -2
Filter factor 4
Filter Diameter 62mm
Filter Material Glass
Ring Material Metal
Slim Setting No
Coating Yes


Girth 308mm
Height of Packaging 19mm
Length of Packaging 90mm
Weight incl. Packaging 70g
Width of Packaging 90mm
Вид продуктаФильтры для объектива ND
Тип фильтраND (нейтральный)
Размер фильтра62mm
Плотность фильтраND4

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