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Rokas un pleca statīvs attēla stabilizācijai

walimex pro Hand-Shoulder-Videotripod Cineast I

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Saliekams kameras turētājs ar dažādām modifikācijas iespējām.

  • rokas un pleca statīvs, kas novērš kameras vibrācijas;
  • statīvs ir transformējams;
  • var lietot kā plecu turētāju vai "steadycam";
  • var lietot kā stiprinājumu filmēšanai no zema skatu punkta;
  • rokturi no mīksta materiāla, pielāgoti rokas formai;
  • kameras pamatne ar standarta vītnes skrūvi kameras stiprināšanai;
  • saliktā veidā aizņem maz vietas;
  • max. slodze 4kg

Tehniskā specifikācija:

Salikta izmēris (GxPxA)30x17x9cm
Max. slodze4kg

  • stabilizing hand and shoulder rig for camera-shake-free filming
  • universally useful and customizable due to various joints and a pull-out shoulder pad
  • also useable as shoulder rig or steadycam
  • ideal for ground-level shooting
  • grips with ergonomically shaped foam padding
  • fixation of accessories via internal thread on the joints
  • rubberized camera plate with 1/4 inch tripod thread
  • extremely small transport size
  • max. load capacity: approx. 4kg

A real all-rounder for professional filming
The Hand-Shoulder-Videotripod for DSLRs by walimex pro is a real all-rounder. With it, you can record films in excellent quality and camera-shake is a part of the past. The rig can be used as a shoulder rig on the one hand, and as a steadycam on the other hand. With it, you can create shake-free recordings with digital DSLRs and camcorders, and keep an optimal body posture. Like this, there is a lot less post-processing work for you. The rig is also ideal for ground-level shooting.

Flexible and universally useable
The rig is universally useable and can be adjusted to your individual needs with various joints and a pull-out shoulder pad. It can be pulled out via a telescopic extension. That way you can adjust the rig optimally to your height and work. Each of the joints comes with an internal thread. This allows the fixation of accessories such as, e.g., an external monitor for better judgment of the recording and sharpness, of video lights or an external microphone. The camera plate with a 1/4 inch thread is rubberized and the screw can be moved along the center line. Like this a shifting of the camera body is ruled out and the balance point can be adjusted individually to your camera model, ensuring stress-free working.

Outstanding technology and excellent workmanship
The rig is made from sturdy aluminum and has a max. load capacity of approx. 4kg. Therefore, it is also suitable for use with professional cameras with heavy lenses. To ensure a high wearing comfort, also when using heavy cameras and in the cold, the grips are surrounded by foam padding. As the rig consists of little segments, it can be folded to a very small transport size and fits into most camera bags and backpacks. On the joints you can find screws to fixate the joints to avoid unintentional shifting. Like this, the rig can be used again and again once it is set up, and allows you to work more flexibly. The joints are fixated with the help of an Allen wrench, so no special tools are necessary to adjust the rig, and you can re-adjust elements quickly if needed.

General information

Width 160mm
Weight 1100g
Length 300mm
Material Aluminium
Product Color Black, Silver, Blue
Rod-based No


Max. Capacity 4kg
1/4 inch accessories thread Yes
Made in Germany No


Girth 919mm
Height of Packaging 100mm
Length of Packaging 319mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 1342g
Width of Packaging 200mm
Atbalsta sistēmasPleca atbalsti

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