Cokin Round NUANCES C PL Filter 72mm CNPC 72

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Cokin Round Nuances CPL Filter 72mm
This Cokin Round Nuances CPL Filter is a polarising filter with a diameter of 72mm. A polarization filter can be used when taking landscape photos. It increases the overall colour saturation and blue tones become bluer. White clouds or mountains with snow are more accentuated. By turning the filter you also remove reflections.

CPL series shades
Cokin polarisation filters in the Nuances series are made with high-quality Schott Glass B270i hardened mineral glass. This type of glass is known for its high light transmission and low reflection. Due to a newly developed coating technique, Nuances filters have a very high density. The filter absorbs 1 stop of light and ensures high colour contrast.

Please note
Images are of the 77mm version.


  • Circular polarising filter
  • Made from high quality mineral glass
  • Increases the contrast in your photos
  • Prevents unwanted reflections
  • Multicoating
  • Very high density
  • 2-year warranty

Вид продуктаФильтры для объектива CPL
Тип фильтраCPL (поляризационный)
Размер фильтра72mm

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