RGBlink 4K PTZ Camera12X Optical Zoom

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RGBlink 4K PTZ Camera 12X Optical Zoom

  • 4K Ultra HD Image, with resolution up to 4K@60fps
  • 12x optical zoom lens, with 80.4° FOV without distortion
  • Fast, accurate and stable auto focus
  • Low Noise and High SNR
  • 4K output through LAN, HDMI and USB 3.0
  • Multiple Audio/Video Compression Standard
  • Multiple Control port and control protocol
  • Multiple Network Protocol include RTMP,RTP,VISCA

The RGBlink 4K PTZ Camera delivers a breathtaking 4K image thanks to the integrated Sony 1/2.5 inch CMOS sensor. The multifunctional PTZ IP camera delivers amazing details even at full zoom and is therefore suitable for a wide range such as video productions, live events or video conferences.

Video Outputs
The camera has a USB 3.0, HDMI and LAN port via which the video signals can be output in up to 4Kp60 at the same time. Connected to a PC via USB, the camera is recognized as a webcam without driver installation and can be integrated immediately in OBS-Studio for streaming or in Zoom, MS-Teams or similar for video conferences. The video signal can be output with 720p, 1080p or 4K with the usual broadcast frames. Optionally, date, time and the individual camera name can be displayed in the image.

The RGBlink 4K PTZ Camera 12x Optical Zoom can simultaneously output two streams with different network protocols, codecs, resolutions and frames. The camera creates streams with the RTMP, RTSP, SRT or RTP protocol. The videos can also be streamed directly to the Internet and accessed by appropriate hardware or software, e.g. via OBS Studio. H264 or H265 are available as codecs, the bit rate can be variably adjusted.

The camera can usually be put into operation immediately with the standard settings. The camera is configured conveniently via password-protected access via a web browser. Audio, video and network parameters can be adjusted and firmware updates can be carried out via the well-structured menu navigation. Numerous image settings such as focus, exposure, color space, gamma, etc. can be switched from auto mode to personal preferences and saved.

The camera supports several control methods: via the included IR remote control or via a password-protected web interface. Operation is also possible with optional external controllers with serial RS232 / RS485 or network interface with VISCA protocol. As with all RGBlink PTZ cameras, the RGBlink Mini+ can be controlled with the free XPOSE app via WiFi from PCs, Macs, iPhones or Android smartphones. The camera allows the storage of up to 254 different angles to quickly switch between different perspectives.

Delivery Content
1 x RGBlink 4K PTZ camera 12x optical zoom
1 x IR remote control (2 x AAA batteries not included)
1 x 230V power supply
1 x USB Cable
1 x RS-232 Cable
1 x Instruction Manual 


USB3.0: 1×USB-B
LAN: 1×RJ45
Audio Input
1×3.5mm Stereo Jack
RS232 In/Out 2×DIN 8
RS422 (RS485) 1×4Pin Terminal
Optical Zoom
f=3.85 mm~ 43.06 mm ±5%
View Angle Horizontal
Effective Pixels
F1.8 ~ F3.56±5%
Minimum Illumination
0.05 lux (F1.8, AGC ON)
2D & 3D DNR
White Balance
Auto/Manual/One Push/Specified color temperature
Focus Mode
Auto/Manual/One Push
Explosure Mode
Auto/Manual/Shutter Priority/Iris Priority/Whiteness Priority
Shutter Speed
Dynamic range
OFF/Dynamic level adjustment
Video Adjustment
Brightness/Color/Saturation/Contrast/Sharpness/B/W mode/Gamma curve
Pan/Tilt Rotation
-110°~+110°/-30°- +30°
Pan/Tilt Control Speed
0.1~100°/S ; 0.1~70°/S
Preset Speed/Numbers
Pan:100°/S, Tilt:70°/S; Up to 255 preset positions (10 remote control)
Audio Compression
Format: AAC,MP3,G.711A
Video Compression
Format: LAN:H.264, H.265 USB3.0: MGPG, H.264, YUY2, NV12
Output Resolutions
SMPTE: 720p@50/60 | 1080i@50/60 | 1080p@25/30/50/60 | 2160p@25/30/50/60
USB 3.0:
YUY2/NV:12 320×176@25/30 | 640×360@25/30 | 640×480@25/30 | 960 ×540@25/30 | 1280×720@25/30 | 1920×1080@25/30
MJPEG/H.264/H.265: 320×176@25/30 | 640×360@25/30 | 640×480@25/30 | 960 ×540@25/30 | 1280×720@25/30 | 1920×1080@25/30 | 3840×2160@25/30
Control Protocol
VISCA | Pelco-D | Pelco-P
Baud Rate(bps)
115200 | 9600 | 4800 | 2400bps
Network Protocol
Input Voltage
Max Power
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