Benel Photo Benel Passport Photo Wallets White 500 Pcs.

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Benel Photo


The White Passport Photo Wallets are made of a strong chromolux material and are finished with a glossy coating. The inside of the wallet consists of a compartment where you can store one or more passport photos and a compartment with a top and bottom cut out suitable for one passport sized photo. The wallets are a plain white colour, are 58 x 84mm (W x H) when folded and are essential for all ID photo shops.


It is important to note that a discount applies when more than 1 box is purchased. The prices per piece are as follows:


1 Box (500 pcs.): 0.082 per piece excl. VAT ( 44.25 ex. VAT)
;2 Boxes (1000 pcs.): 0.078 per piece excl. VAT ( 42.04.- ex. VAT)
;4 Boxes (2000 pcs): 0.074 per piece excl. VAT ( 39.83- ex. VAT)


We also supply colored photo wallets.

500 x Benel ID Photo Wallet White
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