SmallRig 3762 Exclusief ontworpen Action Camera Cage (Overseas) Grijs 3762

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SmallRig 3762 Cage For DJI Action 2 Grey (Excl. Designed)

The form-fitting and lightweight cage protects camera and supports action camera accessory/system.

Connector for action camera accessory/system.

DJI Action 2

Package Includes:
1x Action Camera Cage
2x Tempered Glass Screen Protector
1x Tempered Glass Lens Protector
1x Mesh Bag

Protect your DJI Action 2 camera when using it with an FPV with this Custom Camera Cage from SmallRig. The formfitting cage is designed to slide onto the compact Action 2 camera without blocking the screen or operation, and it also includes tempered glass lens and screen protectors to keep the entire camera secure.

On the bottom, the cage features a standard GoPro two-prong adapter to mount the camera onto an FPV or other GoPro-style mounts. It is made from lightweight, durable plastic and aluminum so it won't add too much weight to your FPV. The cage comes with a mesh bag for storage.

Key features:
1. Form-fitting cage provides full protection for Action 2.
2. Action camera accessory/system connector attaches Action 2 to FPV accessories for filming.
3. Connector for action camera accessory/system.
4. TPE + PC + Aluminum alloy structure, lightweight and convenient.

1 x Action Camera Cage
2 x Tempered Glass Screen Protector
1 x Tempered Glass Lens Protector
1 x Mesh Bag

Product Dimensions: 61x 44 x 24mm
Package Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 38mm
Net Weight: 16g±1g
Package Weight: 40.5±1g
Materials: TPE, PC, Aluminum Alloy

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