SmallRig Handheld Rig for Sony FX6 3224

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SmallRig 3224 Handheld Rig for Sony FX6

It supports two ways to hold the camera, i.e. top handle solution that allows low-angle shot and two-handed solution that allows overhead shot.

The handle is horizontally adjustable based on the center of gravity of the camera.

It is made of anti-freeze wood and ergonomically designed for comfortable grip.

Package Includes:
1 x NATO Top Handle 2362
1 x NATO Rail 1195
1 x FX6 Top Plate 3186
6 x Quarter Twenty Screw
1 x Allen Wrench

CONST EK90 LED camera light. (5.600K , 3200 K with filter)


The EK90 LED camera light will pleasantly surprise you not only with its very low price, but also with its power (up to 600 lux at a distance of 100 cm), its low weight (130 g) and very compact dimensions (100x70x30 mm). It produces light with a colour intensity of 5,600 K (can be changed to 3,200 K with the included amber filter) and a high intensity stability. It is powered by a voltage of up to 4.2 V at a power consumption of approx. 7 watts. In addition to the light itself, you will find one 3.7V Li-ion battery, a charger and two replaceable filters (softening and amber) in the package

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