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1x Nest NT-530 tripod; 1x Bag; 1x Full Color Packaging

Nest Tripod + Head NT-530 H137 cm

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The NT-530 by Nest is a high-quality tripod, which belongs in every standard camera equipment. Thanks to its light weight and compact size, the tripod is easy to transport in the included tripod bag. The aluminum legs provide a stable and reliable whole. Nevertheless, the complete tripod weighs only 665 grams. The maximum height is 1.48 meters and the minimum height is 45 centimeters. This guarantees stable and reliable use in almost any location. The legs have a diameter of up to 2 cm.

Nest NT-530 in practice

Using the handle, the angle of the tripod head can be adjusted. This also allows you to take vertical shots. The tripod is equipped with a spirit level so that your recordings are guaranteed to be straight and you do not have to edit them later.

Application Nest NT-530

The NT-530 is a must-have for the beginning and advanced photographer when taking pictures on location and in the studio. Its light weight makes it easy to take the tripod anywhere. You can use the NT-530 with photo and video cameras weighing up to 3 kg. The 1/4" thread makes the NT-530 suitable for many cameras. These include compact cameras, system cameras, DSLR cameras and simple video cameras. If your camera has a 3/8" thread you can use an adapter nipple which you can find in the optional accessories.

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