walimex Radio Flash Trigger Set Duo

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walimex Radio Flash Trigger Set Duo
  • twice as good: Radio Trigger for mounting even two compact flashes
  • for flashing with increased power or in different directions
  • with umbrella holder for further light modification
  • multifunctional thanks to 16 channels
  • range up to approx. 30m
  • tilting device with 1/4 inch tripod thread and hot shoe
  • Note: not compatible with walimex System Flash FW 930

Trigger unleashed – work unleashed! Not a problem at all with the Radio Trigger Set Duo from walimex. Every photographer will enjoy this double functionality in daily work. The set, which consists of transmitter and receiver, is characterized by its easy handling, the flexible adjustment to your needs and the reliable quality. Thus, 16 different channels, a sync speed of 1/200 seconds and a maximum range of 30m are only some of the outstanding parameters.

Trigger twice – benefit twice! In contrast to many other conventional Trigger Sets, the walimex “Duo” scores with its possibility to hold even two compact flash devices. Therewith you can increase your flash output and furthermore adjust them in two different directions! With the additional umbrella holder you can control your light even more and adapt to your photographic needs.

Dimensions (LxWxH)approx. 6x4x3cm
Weightapprox. 25g
Dimensions (LxWxH)approx. 9x7x6cm
Weightapprox. 90g
Power Supply2x AAA 1,5V
Sync Speed1/200 seconds
Max. Rangeapprox. 30m
  • 1x  walimex Radio Trigger Set Duo, consisting of transmitter and receiver


ТриггерыДля накамерных вспышек
Триггер для камерuniversāls
Вид триггераkomplekts

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