Filter 72 MM Blue-Coated UV K&F Concept Classic Series KF01.1427

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K&F Concept


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K&F Concept Classic Series 72 MM HMC UV Blue Filter

Create exceptional shots with the K&F Concept filter. The product improves the quality of your photos by effectively eliminating UV light and is made of durable materials, so it will last you a long time. In addition, its installation is simple and will take just a moment.


High quality photos

The filter absorbs UV light and effectively improves the contrast of photos and videos. In addition, it minimizes the amount of light entering the lens and reduces the fog effect. It will prove useful when photographing mountains or water.


Robust construction

The filter is made of Japanese optical glass, which protects the camera lens from dirt, scratches, fingerprints and other damage. Whats more, the thin (3.3mm) and lightweight aluminum frame effectively prevents dark framing during wide-angle photography.

ManufacturerK&F Concept
Thickness3.3 mm
Diameter72 mm
Тип фильтраUV (ультрафиолетовый)
Размер фильтра72mm

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