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Cup Loupe
1x Byomic Cup Loupe BYO-BK0245 2x45mm;1x Spider toy;1x Full-Color Packaging

Byomic Cup Loupe BYO-BK0245 2x45mm

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This Cup Loupe is ideal for the young explorer. The details of plants and insects can be perfectly seen by putting them in the cup.


Hole provide air for inside the cup. The normal magnification is 2x and with the extra loupe on top the magnification becomes 3,5x.

The Byomic Cup Loupe BYO-BK0245 2x45mm is a universal magnifying glass for observing insects and plants. This way you can place insects in the cup and see them easily. Holes in the cup ensure the supply of oxygen. The magnifying glass has a 2x magnification and lens diameter of 45mm. You can also use the extra magnifying glass to enlarge the object 3.5x. This magnifying glass is attached to the cup and has a lens diameter of 35mm.

Usage Byomic Cup Loupe BYO-BK0245 2x45mm

The cup magnifier is a universal accessory for all ages and is very useful for observing (small) insects. At the bottom of the cup magnifier is a grid with which you can easily determine the size of the captured insects. The cup magnifier is suitable for all ages.

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