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Magnifier; Stand
1x Magnifier; 1x Stand

Konus Table Magnifier Flexo-120

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The Konus Table Magnifier Flexo-120 is a real multifunctional magnifier. It can be used as a standloupe but with the supplied stand.


The Konus table magnifier Flexo-120 is a multifunctional magnifier with a flexible arm, spotlight lens and LED lighting, which you can use both in the hand and on the folding stand.


In addition to the standard 2x magnification, the magnifier also has a built-in spot lens which magnifies 5x. This allows you to view objects even closer. To add extra light to the object, the magnifying glass is equipped with LED lighting. These LED lights are located in a ring around the magnifying glass, so that the light is evenly distributed on the subject. The lens of the magnifying glass is made of acrylic. Unlike glass, acrylic is lighter in weight and has a higher scratch resistance.


You can use the magnifying glass as a stellar lens, so you can just hold it in your hand. Do you want to use the magnifier hands-free? No problem! You unfold the magnifying glass to create the stand so that the magnifying glass can be used as a table magnifying glass. Because the Konus table magnifier Flexo-120 can be placed in five different positions, the magnifier can be used in various heights.

Application Konus Table Loupe Flexo-120

To use the LED light, insert two AA batteries into the compartment. To turn the light on or off, use the switch located on the top of the body. In addition to handheld use of this magnifier, you can also use this magnifier hands-free as a table magnifier. Fold open the magnifying glass so that the stand comes out so that the table magnifier is ready for use. This way you have both hands free and you can enjoy the crystal clear images.

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