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1x Carson Reading Glass; 1x Full color hangpackaging
1x Carson Handheld Magnifier 2x110mm with Power Spot Lens;1x Blister Packaging

Carson Handheld Magnifier 2x110mm

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The JS-24 Carson Reading Glass with Rubber Handle has a magnification of 2x. In addition, the JS-24 has a 3.5x spot lens. The JS-24 is equipped with a rubber handle and due to its ergonomic design it is very comfortable to use.


Usage Carson Reading Glass JS-24


The Carson Reading Glass JS-24 is very suitable for reading, needlework and other crafts. The JS-24 is easy to use when you're at school, in the office or just at home.

The Carson Handheld Magnifier 2x110mm is a handheld magnifier, equipped with an ergonomic plastic handle and power spot lens.

This universal magnifying glass has a lens diameter of 110mm and a magnification of 2x. The built-in powerlens has a 3.5x magnification and is located at the bottom of the lens. The lens is made of crystal clear acrylic. Compared to glass lenses, acrylic is lighter in weight and has a higher scratch resistance.

Usage Carson Handheld Magnifier 2x110mm

Due to the large lens, this magnifying glass is very suitable for use while reading. This makes the magnifying glass a popular accessory for use at school, in the office or at home. Of course, you can also use this magnifier to view small objects with more detail, such as coins or insects. You can also use the built-in powerlens to get smaller objects even 3.5x closer. The compact handheld magnifier is lightweight and easy to carry. This makes it comfortable to use the magnifying glass for a longer period of time.

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