Godox Speedlite TT600

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Godox Speedlite TT600
The Godox Speedlite TT600 flash is a versatile documentary flash that is not only powerful, but also allows your creativity to blossom. In addition to automatic functions, you can also take advantage of manual setting options. With a built-in master and slave receiver, a wide-angle diffuser, a retractable reflector, extensive settings and support for lightning-fast shutter speeds up to 1 / 8000s, the TT600 is an ideal addition to your photography gear.

The TT600 can go in any direction
The tiltable and rotatable flash head has a zoom range of 20 to 200mm. The zoom position can be set manually, but can also be determined automatically by the Godox TT600 when you zoom in or out with your lens. The power of the flash can be manually set from full power to 1 / 128th. The flash exposure compensation can be set in 1/3 steps over three stops. In addition to High Speed ​​Synchronization, this documentary flash from Godox also supports flashes on the second curtain for creative end results. Despite the high guide number of 60, the TT600 offers fast charging times that vary between 0.1 and 2.6 seconds.

Display and connections
The large LCD display is a basis you can always rely on: everything you want to know is displayed. In a dark situation you can switch on the lighting of the display. The Godox TT600 is equipped with a connection for an external power supply and a 3.5mm synchronization port. All control buttons are logically positioned and the central wheel provides quick adjustment of the values. The flash's metal mounting base is robust and features a reliable locking pin.


  • Guide number of 60 on ISO 100 and 200mm
  • Automatic or manual zoom from 20-200mm
  • With wide-angle diffuser and retractable reflector
  • Master and slave function via 2.4Ghz channel
  • High Speed Synchronization with 1 / 8000s
  • Fast charging time between 0.1-2.6s
  • Clear LCD display with lighting
  • Warranty standard: 2 years
  • Flashtube Warranty: None

In the box

  • Standard
  • Storage pouch
  • English manual

МодельGodox TT600 Thinklite

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