Godox 1200ws Externe Flitskop AD600 Bowens Mount

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AD H1200B


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Godox 1200ws Externe Flitskop AD600 Bowens Mount
The Godox Witstro AD-H1200B portable flash head is in fact an extension for two of your Godox Witstro AD600B portable flash heads. Remove the flash tubes from your flash heads and insert the two plugs of the AD-H1200B. Mount the Godox 1200Ws Flash Tube on this mount and you have created a 1200Ws flash head. With the H1200 you have more leeway for working in a somewhat smaller space or when you want to be able to easily hold the flash in your hand.

AD-H1200B with spigot connection for lamp stand
The compact and light AD-H1200B is powered by the batteries of the flash units and has a cable with a length of 2.75 meters. Thanks to the Bowens mount, using accessories such as an optional softbox or reflector is very easy. This 1200ws head is easy to tilt and has a spigot connection at the bottom for placement on a lamp tripod.


  • Portable 1200Ws flash head
  • Cable with a length of 2.75 meters
  • With switchable LED modeling lamp
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Bowens mount
  • Mount weighs 1.77 kilograms
  • Warranty 2 years

In the box

  • From GODOX
  • The Godox 1200Ws Flash Tube is not included.

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