Spider SpiderPro V2 Hand Strap Teal

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Spider SpiderPro V2 Hand Strap Teal

With the Spider SpiderPro V2 Hand Strap you always have your camera ready for use. This means you won't miss any photo opportunities anymore. The hand strap is designed for DSLRs and system cameras with lens attached and with or without vertical grip.

Fixation of the SpiderPro V2 Hand Strap
The bottom of the strap is attached between your camera and tripod plate, blocking the tripod connection. So you can leave the wrist strap on when you have placed your camera on a tripod. The top of the SpiderPro V2 strap is attached by inserting it into the top strap loop of your camera. Both the bottom and the top of the hand strap can be easily adjusted to the size of your hand.

Comfortable photography
The curved S-shape of the strap makes it feel like the SpiderPro V2 is an extension of your arm. The S shape is designed to allow unobstructed access to the battery door and memory card slots. While it offers additional support, using the clip-on wristband is a matter of personal preference. The foam padding and padding of the hand strap provide comfort and optimal hand positioning for operating your camera's buttons. Plus, with repeated use, the strap adapts to the unique shape of your hand for a custom fit.


  • Compatible with most DSLR / mirrorless cameras with lens attached *
  • Works with or without vertical grip
  • Made from strong woven Hypalon with carbon fiber finish
  • Three-point click mounting for quick installation
  • Designed for comfortable hand positioning
  • Works with all Tripod Quick Release Plates and Spider Holster Plates
  • Does not block the tripod connection
  • Mounting between camera and tripod plate
  • Warranty 2 years
* Not compatible with Olympus mirrorless cameras.

In the box

  • Snap-On wrist strap
  • Mounting material
  • 2 eye adapters with screws and Allen key

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