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Konus Binoculars Giant 20x80

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The Konus Giant 20x80 binoculars are gigantic binoculars with a magnification of no less than 20x. This makes the Giant 20x80 extremely suitable for watching birds at long distances as well as in low light situations. Because of the enormous objectives of 80mm, the Giant 20x80 can also be used in the evening to observe the moon, stars and planets.

The Giant series by Konus has a large field of view which provides an excellent panoramic image. For the Giant 20x80 you have a field of vision of 84 meters at a distance of 1000 meters with a magnification of no less than 20x..

Application Konus Giant 20x80 binoculars

Because the Giant 20x80 is equipped with two 80 mm objective lenses, these binoculars are heavier than average binoculars. This is why a tripod adapter is located between the lenses with which the binoculars can easily be placed on a tripod (see optional accessories).
With a tripod you are assured of a still image while observing. There is no need to concentrate on holding the binoculars still, allowing you to observe even better.

Focusing the binoculars:

In addition to the central focus, it is also possible to adjust the dioptre of the right ocular. This makes it possible to compensate for deviations in the strength of the eyes.

When only the left eye is used to view through the binoculars while the right eye is closed, the central focus can be used to focus the image. As soon as this is as desired, you can look through the binoculars with the right eye while keeping the left eye closed. Now the dioptre, which is located near the right eyepiece, can be used to focus the image. When this is satisfactory, the binoculars are ready for use and you can open your left eye.

Compare the Konus Giant binoculars

 Giant 15x70Giant 20x80
Magnification 1520
Ø Objective lenses7080
Sharp from 2540
Field of view (°)4,44,8
Field of view /1000m77 m84 m
Exit pupil 4,7 mm 4 mm
Light transmission21,816
Twilight factor 32,4 40
Eye relief1,7 cm1,5 cm
Interpupillary Distance56mm ~ 70mm56mm ~ 73mm
Length277mm 320mm
Width 216mm235mm
Height84mm 96mm 


Type of ProductBinoculars

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