Compact Cameras - Canon Zoemini S2, rose gold 4519C006 - quick order from manufacturer

  • Digital instant camera and printer
  • 8-megapixel camera
  • Memory card slot for saving photos
  • Integrated ring-light & selfie mirror
  • Uses Canon ZINK photo paper

Canon Zoemini S2, rose gold 4519C006

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Canon Zoemini S2
Take a selfie with the mirror and ring-light, and check your pose with a live view from the Canon Mini Print app. Out of paper? Save your faves for printing later to the Micro SD card.

Mini moments, big stories
Snap selfies with the mirror and ring-light, and check your pose with a live view via the Canon Mini Print app. With a battery life of up to 25 photos and a Micro SD card slot for when you run low on paper, it's easy to make memories on the go.

Cool combo
Snap and print from one device. With an 8MP camera, Zink™ tech and the ability to save photos to a Micro SD card for later, it's the ideal partner for improv photo-ops.

Perfectly pocket-sized
Sleek and slimline, pick from Teal, White and Rose Gold to create the ultimate portable accessory.

On-point photos
Create slick snaps with a mirror and ring-light and add flair with the Effects and Frames buttons – simply set your faves via the Canon Mini Print app.

Smart shoots
Use Bluetooth and the Canon Mini Print app to print from your smartphone, check the live view and add cool customisation, including advanced collages.

Stick and style
Load up with up to 10 sheets of sticky-backed Zink™ Photo Paper and print, peel and stick your favourite shots onto all your stuff, from the phone to the fridge.

Be bold. Be expressive. Be original. Show us life through your lens. Whether through photo, print or film, we want to see your unique perspective on the world, as captured by you.
Type of ProductCompact Camera

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