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  • High quality circular polarizer filter
  • Hoya HD Nano Mk II series
  • New smooth & hard nano coating
  • Slim matte black aluminium frame
  • For lenses with 77 mm filter thread

Hoya Filters Hoya filter circular polarizer HD Nano Mk II 77mm

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Control reflections
The HOYA HD nano Mk II CIR-PL filter allows you to create unique effects in your photo which are not achievable through editing software in post production.

One such effect is the controlling of light reflections on glass or water surfaces. The HOYA HD nano Mk II CIR-PL allows you to control light waves entering your lens, through the filtering of all polarized light. This allows you to see below surfaces of water.

This effect is also great on glass surfaces. By removing reflections, you can look through the glass and into interiors.

Enhance contrast and color saturation
Polarized light is not limited to surface reflections, but light shining directly from the sky is polarized too. Air molecules, moisture and dust scatter sunlight, and this light can be filtered out with the HOYA HD nano Mk II CIR-PL. This allows you to greatly increase the contrast of the sky, removing haze, and enhancing blue hues.
Type of ProductCPL filtri
Filter typeCPL (polarising)
Filter size77mm

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