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Ilmuti Ilford Multigrade 1l.

Ilford paper developer Multigrade 1l (1155073) 1155073

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Ilmuti Ilford Multigrade 1l.

Ilford Multigrade Developer is a liquid concentrate print developer suitable for dish or tray developing of all black and white photographic papers such as resin coated (RC) and traditional fiber based (FB). It is a dimezones/hydroquinone derivative. As opposed to Ilford PQ developer which generates a warm tone, this developer is characterized by a neutral tone. 

Multigrade developer is a rapid working developer usually used at a dilution of 1+9 but for greater development control and economy it can be used at 1+14. Multigrade developer is clean working and features excellent keeping properties. 

It should be noted that Ilford recommends that gloves, eye protection, apron or overall be worn when handling and mixing all chemicals.

Chemistry Type Paper Developer
Powder/Liquid Liquid
Liquid Volume 1 x 16.9  fl oz / 500.0  mL


Type of ProductPhotographic developer
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