SmallRig 3839 67mm Cellphone Filter Ring Adapter (M Mount) 3839

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SmallRig 67mm Cellphone Filter Ring Adapter (M mount) 3839 provides a professional and secure solution to shoot with external filters. It supports a cellphone cage or case with an M lens mount and features a quick-release design for easy installation, without blocking iPhone 13 seriesiPhone 12 Pro series lenses, or affecting the way other functions work, such as Ultra Wide, Wide, Telephoto, Lidar, and Flash. The adapter ring can magnetically and quickly secure varied filters according to your needs for light.

Note: The adapter ring shall be mounted onto the upper left lens mount of the iPhone 13 series、iPhone 12 Pro series; shall be mounted onto the bottom right lens mount of the iPhone 13; rotating counterclockwise to lock; Be care of its orientation; Not compatible with iPhone 12.

Key Features
1. Suitable for cellphone cage or case with M lens mount.
2. Maintains access to iPhone 13 series、iPhone12 Pro series lenses and does not affect the way camera, flash, and Lidar work.
3. Quick-release mount for easy installation and removal.
4. Magnetically and quickly secures filter.

Work With
3561, 3562, 3734, 3077, 3075and other phone cage or case with M Mount for iPhone 13 series and iPhone 12 Pro series

1 x 67mm Cellphone Filter Ring Adapter (M mount)

Product Dimensions: 70.0 x 70.0 x 5.3mm
Package Dimensions: 87.0 x 79.0 x 26.0 mm
Net Weight: 10.0g±5g
Package Weight: 27.0g±5g
Materials: Aluminum Alloy, Iron



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