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  • Perfect for continuous lighting
  • 12 W power consumption
  • Halgoen equivalent 140 W
  • Color temperature: 5500–5700 K
  • E27 socket

Falcon Eyes LED Daylight Lamp 12W E27 ML-LED12

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Falcon Eyes

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The Falcon Eyes ML-LED12 is a LED daylight lamp with a power of 12W and a color temperature of 5500-5700K. The lamp has an E27 fitting.
;The casing is made of a solid plastic which makes this lamp safer to transport than a traditional fluorescent lamp.


Energy saving


This energy saving LED lamp for indoor use has a CRI of 95 what makes the color rendering of the illuminated object extremely good. The average life of this lamp is approximately 50,000 working hours. The dimension of the lamp is 68 x 126 mm and its weight is only 0.1 kgs.




Thanks to the E27 socket, this lamp fits into most common lamp holders. Due to the shape of the lamp, the light is more bundled. While traditional spiral lamps spread the light in all directions, this lamp focuses the light more to the front. This results in a higher light output.




The capacity of this lamp is 12W. To compare that with fluorescent lamps, this factor can be multiplied with factor 2.4. Hence this 12W LED lamp is comparable with a 28W fluorescent lamp. As this can differ per brand, this factor can not be applied for all lamps and brands. The capacity of a fluorescent lamp (spiral lamp) can be multiplied with factor 5, to compare this with the performance of a traditional light bulb. You can compare this ML-LED12 with a 140W light bulb. The best way to compare the capacity is the LUX per lamp, which is to find in the specifications.

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