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1x Carson HF-25 (Necklace Loupe 2/3,5x110mm);1x Neck Strap;1x Blister Packaging

Carson Necklace Loupe 2/3,5x110mm

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The Carson Necklace Loupe 2/3,5x110mm is a universal magnifying glass with a spot lens, which is ideal for any activity or hobby where you need both hands. You can use the magnifier hands-free because of the carrying cord on the body.


The magnifying glass has a 2x magnification and lens diameter of 110mm. In addition, the magnifying glass has a spot lens (3.5x) to bring small parts even closer. For a high level of comfort, this cord is adjustable, so that you can place the magnifying glass in the desired position yourself. The envelope magnifier is also known as an embroidery magnifier.


Usage Carson Necklace Loupe 2/3,5x110mm


The envelope magnifier is a popular accessory to use when reading, crafting, knitting and embroidery. How does it work? Simply hang the magnifier with carrying cord around your neck and set the cord at a comfortable angle and viewing distance. Now you can use the magnifying glass for hours at a time, while keeping your hands free at all times!


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Weight: 157 grams

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