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1x Carson TV-15 (Multi-Power Magnifier 5-15x30mm);1x Full-Color Packaging

Carson Multi-Power Magnifier 5-15x30mm

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The Carson TV-15 is a universal, compact impact magnifier that features multiple magnifications (5x, 10x and 15x). The magnifier has three separate magnifying lenses, with each lens having 5x magnification. So by folding out the lenses you can magnify 5x, 10x and 15x.

The magnifiers have single lenses and have a diameter of 30mm. This magnifier is also known as a jeweler's magnifier, since this type of magnifier is also used for observations of, for example, jewelry. The compact magnifying glass is lightweight and easy to carry. The body is made of plastic; the lens is made of acrylic. Compared to glass, acrylic is lighter in weight and has a higher scratch resistance.

Usage Carson TV-15

You can use this magnifier while reading, but it is also suitable for outdoor applications. This magnifier is also useful for young outdoor explorers, for example, to view insects with.  

Other specifications

• Length folded: 117mm
• Length not folded: 60mm
• Total height: 27 mm

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