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1x Jeweler's Loupe 4.5x;1x Jeweler's Loupe 6.5x;1x Jeweler's Loupe 8x;1x Jeweler's Loupe 13x;1x Smartphone Clip;1x Manual;1x Full-Color Packaging

Carson Jewelers Loupe Set with Smartphone Adapter

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The Carson Jeweler's Loupe Set with Smartphone Adapter is a complete set of magnifiers, consisting of four unique eye loupes and a smartphone adapter to capture all your observations. These comfortable jeweler's loupes have a magnification of 4.5x, 6.5x, 8x and 13x. Moreover, with these magnifiers you can not only bring subjects closer, but also capture them with your smartphone! The smartphone clip is in any case compatible with the following phones: Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, Google Pixel and LG. This jeweler's loupe is also known as an eye loupe, watchmaker's loupe or triplet.


Usage Carson Jeweler's Loupe Set with Smartphone Adapter


The jeweler's loupes are ideal for observations of jewelry and gems, and for repairs of watches, for example. In addition, these loupes can also be used for viewing insects, plants, coins, stamps and much more!


To use the magnifiers, simply place them on your eye. The comfortable eyepiece fits seamlessly on your eye, the oval shape prevents light. This allows you to focus optimally on the object. To use the jeweller's loupes with your smartphone, remove the eyepiece from one of the magnifiers and attach the smartphone clip to the magnifier. Then open the camera function of your mobile device and attach the clip to your phone. Now you can record all your observations and save them forever!


Other specifications


Weight: 11 grams
; Dimensions: 38x35x33 mm


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