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1x Carson LL-55 (Standing Loupe 4,5x75mm);1x Full-color Packaging

Carson Standing Loupe 4,5x75mm

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The Carson Standing Loupe 4.5x75mm is a universal loupe with a glass sidewall, which allows you to get a lot of light and enlarge objects 4.5x. The magnifying glass has double acrylic lenses with a diameter of 75mm. Unlike glass lenses, acrylic is lighter in weight and has a higher scratch resistance. The side wall at the bottom is made of transparent glass, so that a lot of (day) light falls on the subject and you can observe objects clearly. Because of the round shape you can place the magnifying glass over the subject, allowing you to see the smallest details and keep the object easily in its position.


Usage Carson Standing Loupe 4.5x75mm


This universal magnifier can be used for a wide range of applications. Think for example of viewing insects and plants, or reading a newspaper or book. You use the magnifying glass by placing it above the object. The compact magnifying glass is lightweight and easy to carry.


Other specifications


Weight: 50 grams
; Dimensions: 106 x 106 x 76 mm
; Diameter bottom side: 106mm
; Diameter upper side: 86mm

Type of ProductMagnifying Glasses

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