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Microscope BYO-ST3; Cover; 1 Pair Rubber Eye Pieces; 1 Pair Oculars WF10x - 20 mm; 1 Object Plate Black/White - Diameter 60 mm
1x Byomic Stereo Microscope BYO-ST3; 2x WF10x Wide-angle eyepieces; 2x Premium eyecups; 1x Contrast plate Ш60mm White/Black; 1x Protective cover; 1x Manual

Byomic Stereo Microscope BYO-ST3

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The Byomic Stere Microscope BYO-ST3 is an easy to use microscope and suitable for hobbyists but also for primary schools as well as secondary education. This microscope has two non interchangeable fixed objectives with a magnification of 2x and 4x. With the wide angle eyepieces of 10x it is possible to switch between 20x and 40x magnification.


The BYO-ST3 has a solid metal body with an integrated table of 110 by 75 mm. It is equipped with two solid clamps to hold the specimen in position, so it does not shift during observation. In the table there is a contrast plate of Ø60mm. This contrast plate is white on one side and black on the other side.


Because the Byomic BYO-ST3 is equipped with two wide-angle eyepieces, you have a large field of view and the depth of field is excellent. A 45° viewing angle allows you to look through the microscope in a natural position. The BYO-ST3 can be adjusted as desired, the eye distance is adjustable between 54 and 76 mm and there is a ring on the left ocular with which the dioptre can be adjusted. By adjusting the dioptre to your eye, the subject is brought into sharp focus.

Also included are premium eyecups which can be slid over the eyepieces. This way you will not be distracted from movements that you perceive around the eyepiece. By using these eyecups it is possible to fully focus on the subject and you can more easily maintain the correct distance to the lens.

Application Byomic Stereo Microscope BYO-ST3

The BYO-ST3 is suitable for viewing tissue, blood and examining fish. The BYO-ST3 is also suitable for observing plants, insects and other small animals and looking at minerals and gemstones or working with small electronics and / or soldering on a circuit board are no problem for this microscope. Of course stamps and coins can also be viewed.

With another set of eyepieces a different magnification can be achieved. This microscope uses eyepieces with a diameter of 30mm (see optional accessories).


The following table shows the magnifications that can be achieved with an optional eyepiece. Please note that you should order two eyepieces because this is a stereo microscope.


What magnifications are achieved with the following eyepiece?
 2x Objective4x Objective
standard Eyepiece20x40x
262115 Eyepiece WF 15x30x60x

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