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Microscope BYO-500T; 1 (Pair) Ocular Adjustable 55 - 57 mm; 4 x Objective (DIN Achromatic 4x, 10x, 40x and 100xR-oil); Abbe Condensor with Iris Diaphragm and Filter Holder; Immersion-Oil; Blue Filter Glass (Ш 31 mm, 2 mm thick); Wooden (protective) Case for Transport; Cover
1x Byomic Study Microscope BYO-500T;2x WF10x 18mm wide-angle eyepieces;1x DIN achromatic objective with 4x magnification;1x DIN achromatic objective with 10x magnification ;1x DIN achromatic objective with 40x magnification; 1x DIN achromatic objective with 100x magnification (Oil);1x Abbe condenser;1x Iris diaphragm with filter holder;1x Blue filter (Ш 31 mm, 2 mm thick);1x Immersion oil;1x Protective cover;1x Power cable;1x Handy wooden storage box;1x Manual

Byomic Study Microscope BYO-500T

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The Byomic Study Microsoop BYO-500T is a professional microscope equipped with a Siedentopf trinocular head with plan-achromatic objectives for faithful reproduction and reduction of chromatic abberation. The BYO-500T is used by advanced users for professional purposes.
Because the miscroscope has DIN achromatic zoom lenses (4x, 10x, 40x and 100x oil), a magnification of 40 - 1000x can be achieved with the two 10x wide-angle eyepieces. Because the 100x lens is also suitable for oil immersion, higher magnifications can be achieved.

The tube of the microscope has a 45 degrees stereo view and can be rotated 360 degrees. The dioptres of both eyepieces can be adjusted so that the specimen can be viewed with razor-sharp clarity. All optical parts of the BYO-500T have an anti-fungus coating. The microscope comes with a metal stand, dimmable LED illumination, a N.A. 1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm and blue filter.

Siedentopf head

The feature of the Siedentopf head is that the interpupillary distance of a microscope can be adjusted without affecting the focus. This is possible because the eyepieces can be moved up and down in a circular motion while at other microscopes the eyepieces are shifted apart.
The interpupillary distance is adjusted by simply rotating the eye tubes around a central axis. This makes it possible to change the interpupillary distance without changing the tube length, which in turn affects the focus. The axis also has a distance scale, so that the user knows which point is suitable for future use.


The BYO-500T has a metal housing with an integrated table of 140 by 105 mm which is equipped with a coaxial cross table making it possible to move the specimen without touching it. The coaxial coarse and fine focusing device on the right side of the table ensures very accurate observation. The table is adjustable in height from
In the base is the lighting which can be controlled with the turning wheel on the left side. With the focus wheel the distance between the objective and the table can be adjusted. This makes it possible to view the sample at the correct distance with razor-sharp precision. The height of the table can be adjusted from 8 ~ 25 mm.

At the back of the housing, next to the power cable, there is a switch to switch the lights on and off.


Because the BYO-500T is equipped with two wide-angle eyepieces, you have a large field of vision and excellent depth of field. The DIN achromatic lenses ensure less chromatic abberation and reproduce the colours naturally. This makes the microscope extremely suitable for photo and video applications. The BYO-500T has a third tube to which you can connect your DSLR camera using the optional Byomic DSLR Camera Adapter and T2 adapter ring (see optional accessories). This makes it possible to make recordings of all observations. The supplied camera tube ensures that this optional Byomic DSLR Camera Adapter is mounted correctly in the tube.

The eyepieces have a viewing angle of 45 degrees so that the microscope can be used in a relaxing position. The eyepiece distance is adjustable between 54 and 75 mm and the dioptre of both eyepieces can also be adjusted so that you can get a razor-sharp view of the subject.


The backlight of the Byomic BYO-500T comes from a LED in the base of the microscope. This LED is adjustable with the turning wheel on the left side of the microscope. Under the table is the Abbe Condenser, which ensures that the light is distributed as efficiently and evenly as possible over the object in order to obtain the best results.

In the Abbe Condenser is the filter holder in which the supplied blue filter slide can be placed. The top of the Abbe Condenser can be unscrewed, after which the filter holder is visible. At the bottom of the Abbe Condenser there is a slide with which the aperture can be enlarged and reduced to determine the amount of light that passes through. The Abbe Condenser can be adjusted in height by means of the rotating wheel on the left side.

Application Byomic Study Microscope BYO-500T

The BYO-500T is a professional microscope that is extremely suitable for business and scientific purposes. The optics of the microscope are of high quality and reproduce the colours naturally. The Byomic Study Microscope BYO-500T is suitable for viewing bacteria and parasites in fish and manure. The Byomic Study Microscope BYO-500T is also a good choice for examining blood and urine. Because of the 100x objective which is suitable for oil immersion, high magnifications can be achieved with this microscope.

The following table shows the magnifications that can be achieved with an optional eyepiece.


What magnifications are achieved with the following eyepiece?
 4x Objective10x Objective40x Objective100x Objective
standard Eyepiece40x150x400x1000x
264017 Eyepiece WF 20x80x200x800x2000x
264016 Eyepiece WF 16x64x160x640x1600x
264015 Eyepiece WF 15x60x150x600x1500x
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