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1x Monopod; 1x Tripod support; 1x Quick release plate; 1x 1/4 male screw thread; 1x 3/8 male screw thread; 1x Handle; x Fluid Damped Head; 1x Carrying case

Nest Video Monopod NT-329M H145 cm

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NT 329M

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The Nest NT-329M is a multifunctional Monopod which contains three separate pieces. At the bottom you ll find the foot with three legs, which are easily folded up and down. Aside to that it also has a 360° sphere, this sphere allows you to turn the whole piece 360°. You can also remove the foot by removing the screw at the bottom. The tripod will become a stable and lightweight monopod. At the middle you ll find the stem with foam handgrip and four sections which you can adjust with the flip-locks. Furthermore it has a firm safety wrist grip. On top you ll find the 360° fluid damped head with quick release plate. You can fix the quick release plate with the butterfly nut at the side of the fluid head. You can also adjust the pan head with two butterfly nuts. The special quick release plate gives you the opportunity to quickly change the male screw thread and 3/8 male screw thread. Besides that, it is possible to unschrew the ball head and to use the 3/8 male screw thread. It also has a handle at the side of the pan head to easily move it around.


Usage NT-329M Nest


The Nest NT-329 is a multifunctional Monopod which provides you with all comforts that you can expect from a monopod. You can use it with many different products as long as they have a or 3/8 female screw thread, including a DSLR camera, video camera and many other products.

Type of ProductMonopods
Tripod setwith head

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