Night Vision - Yukon Digital Nightvision Rifle Scope Sightline N475 with Weaver Rifle Mount - quick order from manufacturer

  • 1x Sightline N475S Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope;
  • 1x Weaver Rifle Mount;
  • 1x Allen wrench;
  • 4x Screw;
  • 1x DNV Battery;
  • 1x Battery charger with EU mains adapter (100-240V);
  • 1x Lens cap;
  • 1x Lens cloth;
  • 1x Carrying bag for Sightline;
  • 1x Storage pouch for DNV Battery;
  • 1x User manual (also available digitally: see attachment);
  • 1x Full-color packaging

Yukon Digital Nightvision Rifle Scope Sightline N475 with Weaver Rifle Mount

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The Yukon Sightline N475S with Weaver Rifle Mount is a digital night vision rifle scope with rifle mount, which is equipped with a ballistic reticle, rangefinder and invisible infrared beam. The device is specially designed for hunting in twilight and complete darkness, but also during the day. The 2-in-1 riflescope features a new CMOS sensor (1280x720 pixels) and HD AMOLED display (1024x768/50Hz). This gives the Sightline N475S an improved light output and observation distance up to 400 meters! By using the included Weaver rifle mount, you can easily attach the Sightline to your rifle.

The Sightline N475S has an optical magnification of 6x, which can be variably magnified up to 24x by using the digital zoom. The device has an adjustable electronic reticle, which is always in the field of view. This is adjustable in brightness, color and type. For example, you can use a ballistic reticle, similar to First Focal Plane reticle of optical rifle scopes. This reticle is ideal for long-range shooting, because the reticle gets bigger as you zoom in, and smaller when you zoom out.

While focussing on a target, you can use the Picture-in-Picture mode. This option allows you to enlarge a certain part of the image without losing the rest of the image. If you want to know the distance an animal is at, you can use the new stadiametric rangefinder. This makes it possible to determine the approximate distance to an object of recognizable size (hare, wild boar or deer). Furthermore, you can easily determine the zero setting and save it in personal shooting profiles.

To be able to see in complete darkness, the night vision rifle scope is equipped with a built-in LED infrared illuminator with a 940nm wavelength. This means that the beam is invisible to the human eye and animals, even when looking straight into the IR source. To create even more brightness in the display, you can use an additional IR-Illuminator (see optional accessories). The high shock resistance - up to 6,000 Joules - makes it possible to use the rifle scope on various weapons. It can also be used on higher calibre weapons: cal. 12, 9.3x64, 375H&H.

Below you find an overview of the differences between the Sightline models.

 Sightline N450Sightline N455Sightline N470Sightline N475
Optical zoom4x4x6x6x
Max. digital zoom16x16x24x24x
Infrared wavelength850nm940nm850nm940nm
Max. detection distance400m350m450m400m
Field of View5,5 graden5,5 graden4,1 graden4,1 graden
Field of View at 100m9,6m9,6m7,1m7,1m
Click value at 100m10,5mm10,5mm7,5mm7,5mm
Click range at 100m2100mm2100mm1500mm1500mm

Usage Yukon Sightline N475S with Weaver Rifle Mount

The Yukon Sightline series can be powered in several ways. For example, you can use the night scope with the supplied quick-release DNV battery. You can also use the Sightline N475S with four rechargeable AA batteries (not included).

Product highlights:

• Sensor type: CMOS / 1280x720
• Display type: AMOLED / 1024x768 pixels (50Hz)
• Adjustable reticle (e.g. ballistic reticle)
• Personal shooting profiles with zero settings
• Stadiametric rangefinder
• IR beam invisible for human eye and animals
• Also compatible with higher caliber weapons: cal. 12, 9.3x64, 375H&H.
• Eye relief: 50mm
• Shock resistance: up to 6,000 joules
• Diopter range: -2.5 to +5
• Minimum detection distance: 10m
• Water resistance: IPX4 (splashproof)
• Electromagnetic compatibility: EN 55032:2015, Class A standard
• Auto-shutdown function

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