Caruba Cine Scrim & Fast Flag set

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Caruba Cine Scrim & Fast Flag set
The Caruba Cine Scrim & Fast Flag set consists of a set convenient scrims and fast flags for flagging a light source. With this, you will have more control over light. Put one of the five flags down in the Gobo-Head on a light tripod or C-stand and place this in the desired position for the light. The smaller Dots & Fingers set is used to control smaller light sources that are closer to the lens of the light. These can be used for, for example, packshot or food photography.

Easy and quick to use
The Caruba CIne Scrim & Fast Flag set is quick to set up and dismantled. It consists of 5 open-end frames with convenient colour coding and accessories. The scrims and flags slide over the lower and upper leg and you can secure it tightly on the vertical bar with the help of Velcro. The frames are industry standard and thus easy to mount to a Gobo or Grip Head.

Use the scrim-net to take away some light from the object standing closest to the light source, without effecting the amount of light on a object that is further away


  • For flagging off or plugging lightsources
  • Quick to set up and dismantle
  • Versatile set
  • Open-End, so can be used as light source
  • Including a convenient carry bag
  • 3 Year Warranty

In the box

  • 5 steel frames 60 x 90cm with 3/8" pin
  • Red net (double; 1 f-stop light reduction)
  • Green net (single; 1/2 f-stop light reduction)
  • Yellow Silk 1/1 Diffuser (-1.5-stops)
  • Grey Silk 1/4 diffuser (-0.5-stop) 
  • Black flag (for flagging off light)
  • "Fingers and dots” set
  • Dot flag black diameter 15cm
  • Dot 1/4 scrim diameter 15cm
  • Finger flag black 10x35cm
  • Finger 1/4 scrim 10x35cm
  • Caruba carry bag

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